113th congress ethnic makeup

113th congress ethnic makeup Senator Barbara Mikulski of Maryland is the first woman to chair the powerful Senate Appropriations Committee.
The Senate has its first Buddhist member and the House has its first Hindu member.
Not all of the data on the composition of the new Congress reflect increasing diversity.
How might having more diversity amongĀ  Congressional membership improve collaboration and the collective work necessary to accomplish better lawmaking.
It will be fascinating to study the dynamics in Congress and learn how to use increasing diversity in ways that lead to more productive outcomes on the Hill and legislation that advances an equity agenda.
House Speaker John Boehner swears in the newly elected members of the 113th Congress in the House Chambers on Jan.
Republicans controlled the House of Representatives and Democrats controlled the Senate as a result of the 2012 elections .
Democrat Barack Obama was beginning his second term in the White House after a 2012 election victory over Republican Mitt Romney .
The makeup of the 113th Congress is similar to that of the 112th Congress in that Republicans controlled the House and Democrats controlled the Senate.
Democratic conference as several black and Latino members took the oath of office.
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Question of the Day North Carolina has set the stage to require background checks for welfare applicants.
Yes No Undecided Other View results The changing face of Congress can be seen in the changing faces of Congress .
Hispanic lawmakers that shut down an entire wing of nearby Union Station and featured a visit from Vice President Joseph R.
American women to serve in the upper chamber and the second minority woman elected to the Senate .
Capitol Hill without an elected member of the famed American political dynasty for the first time since the Truman administration.
Dream Boy Paolo Presta sits down for fun one on one interviews with the stars of today and Hollywood legends.
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He has worked as a Santa impersonator since the 1980s before running for Congress.
Congress are far ahead of the average in earnings and education but lag in life expectancy.
The average American can expect to outlive the average member of the 113 th Congress by more than one and a half years.
Life expectancy for the 113 th Congress is the average of the life expectancy estimates for all sitting Members of the 113 th Congress.
National Center for Health Statistics and intercensal population estimates from the U.
Washington Times and Washington Post candidate profiles and from the graduation records of colleges and universities attended by sitting members.
Click on the radio buttons below to toggle between the Congressional sessions and see the difference.
Virtually every issue the United States contends with promises to be affected by deep currents of change illuminated by demographic shifts.

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